... The Programmer God ...
A simulation universe hypothesis at the Planck scale

if we assign geometrical objects to mass, space and time,
and then link them via a unit number relationship, 
we can build a physical universe from mathematical structures.

Could a Programmer God have used this approach?

The mathematical electron model

These videos are linked to the wiki sites.

Are these physical constant anomalies evidence we are in a simulation universe? 
wiki: Physical constants (anomalies)

How the mathematical electron embeds the physical Planck units
wiki: Electron_(mathematical)

Gravitational orbitals via discrete n-body particle to particle orbital pairs

Programming gravitational and atomic orbitals for a Planck scale simulation universe
wiki: Quantum_gravity_(Planck)

The simulation macro universe

Relativity at the Planck scale

Planck scale black hole universe

Gravity n-body particle-particle orbital pairs

Gravitational potential vs kinetic energy from orbital alignment

Atomic orbital transition