The Programmer God hypothesis

if we assign geometrical objects to mass, space and time,
and then link them via a unit number relationship, 
we can build a physical universe from mathematical structures.

Could a Programmer God have used this approach?

Videos made over the years, in no particular order

1. The Mathematical electron model

The deep-universe (Programmer God) hypothesis states that the universe in entirety, down to the smallest detail, and including life-forms, is a simulation, in contrast to the ancestor simulation which originates on a physical earth.

The simulation (our fundamental laws of nature) operates at the Planck scale, at this, the Planck scale, our universe is a mathematical universe.

The electron is a mathematical formula that not only embeds the units for mass, length, time and charge, but also dictates their frequency (the electron parameters). Thus this formula encodes the 'physical' electron.

As the units (kg, m, s, A) can be replaced by unit numbers (15, -13, -30, 3), mass, length, time and charge can overlap and cancel, and so while ours is a massive universe when observed from inside, from outside there is no universe (our mass, space, time cancel).

the mathematics of the mathematical electron

2. Evidence for a simulation

Is evidence we are in a simulation embedded in the physical constants?

Anomalies within the fundamental dimensioned physical constants

Anomalies in physical constants:

3. The simulation macro universe

Many of the gravity animations can be found on this wiki site:

Relativity at the Planck scale

Planck scale black hole universe

Gravity n-body particle-particle orbital pairs

Gravitational potential vs kinetic energy from orbital alignment

Atomic orbital transition